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Play Skillfully

Psalms 33:3 Sing to Him a new song; Play skillfully with a shout of joy”

Honor God by learning to play skillfully. You may need to take small steps if you are not a full time musician, but do take steps toward improving your skills and maximizing your potential to be a blessing. Even if your church only plays one style of music, expand your vision, learn how to play multiple styles of music, learn how to read notation, play piano or guitar, etc. God will surely find ways to use you beyond your current situation. Most importantly, keep God first, if you play in church every week but don’t hear the sermon, you’ve missed it. If you can not follow the direction of the leader, with a good attitude, you’ve missed it. If humility is not evident in your life then you are missing it. If you are unprepared, missed it, late more than occasionally, missed it. If you spend all your time playing for others and are never ministered to, then you are missing it. Missing what? Missing the benefits of allowing the Spirit to fully work in your life and consequently the lives of the church and those around you. Give Him your best, not Saturday night leftovers or last years offering.