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The University of Groove

“The Place Where We Dig Deep Into The Groove”

Lesson #1 Wilton Felders “G Thang”

First up is this bass line played by the late Wilton Felder, what a groove and sound Wilton had on bass and sax. I like performing these grooves by programming the drums and playing bass lines without the “aid” of the original track to strip it way down and hear any problems in timing or note choices. That being said, this groove was harder than I thought to reproduce. It has a certain “swing” to it. The chromatic phrases almost connect together, relaxed but not laying back at all. There seems to be a slight swing in the opening 4 notes which again are connected, almost slurred. The notes are not hard, its basically a 1 bar pattern that that you invert and repeat, it’s the feel. This bass line drove Dr. Dre’s hit “It’s a G Thang”. Dig that, one of the most iconic bass lines in hip hop created by a 75 year old jazz saxophone player! I love it!!

felder g thang

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Lesson #2 Keni Burke Slap Bass Groove

Ken Burke is one of my favorite bass players, and this groove taken from a Bill Withers song written by Clifford Coulter is incredibly funky. The muted notes are instrumental to this groove and there is an “inverted slap” concept which I will discuss in another video. Enjoy this one, doesn’t get any funkier

Wintertime tutorial

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